Fireart Workshops

Native American Indian Rawhide Drum Making
workshops are just what the doctor ordered.     
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The drum is an important instrument for Indian people, giving both rhythm and meaning to life. It provides the beat for dancers to proudly offer their thanks and praise to the Creator and the Mother Earth during ceremonies. It was and still is used to help heal the sick and as a way of carrying songs and prayers to the Great Above All Person. The tradition of the drum is still very important today and is a way of bringing the People together.
"The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness, with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells Wakan-Tanka , and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us."  "The Heart is a sanctuary at the center of which there is little space wherein the Great Spirit dwells."
-Black Elk, Sioux

Healing Drum FireArt Workshops take place in Webster, NY with the help of Woodland Visions Native Art Company.  Students make Native American Indian drums  under the guidance of Earl Dionne.
“When you are done, you will have an authentic, hands-on tool to take home with you." One of the many talents of Earl Dionne, who is a well-established Native American artist, is the specialty of the wood burning art form known as "fireart".

Adults enjoy the relaxing benefits of fireart which helps to balance the stress of man made environments, while they make an authentic Native American Indian frame Drum that they can enjoy and play for the rest of their lives. Workshops require a full day of attendance and only authentic materials are used to make the drums with,  like cedar wood and deer hides.

Wright Rhythms Fitness and Wellness has the unique privilege of working with Earl Dionne who is a certified art teacher and designs workshops to enhance and integrate art with drum making. His Native American Indian culture is an added component to the sensory experience of his burning art workshops. He uses this work to help participants work on their own drums. Earl brings Woodland Visions right to the class room where participants personalize their very own drum.

Workshops include all the tools necessary for students to create a one of a kind drum that is personalized with their very own artwork & healing spirit guides.   

Many of the concepts and strategies using fireart were developed during Earl Dionne's personal journey of healing following a spinal cord injury. Myth and imagination helped him to access the unknown aspects of fire and art where transformation and renewal were possible. Traditional teachings and archetypal psychology are cornerstones to the expressive fireart methodology. Earl's guidance and wisdom with group work and creative healing is invaluable to students. Earl Dionne has designed the fireart programs to bring calm, creativity, and a sense of well being to the people they work with. His strength compliment provides an atmosphere of trust and respect for the sacred nature of the art making.

Earl teaches students to make Indian hand drums with natural materials. He demonstrates how drums are created from animal skins, discussing the current laws and regulations governing the use of animal hides.
In addition to making an actual drum, Earl's students learn how Indian people invented ingenious uses of natural materials from their environment to create objects of beauty for everyday use. They learn about the history and culture of American Indian peoples, the importance of drums and drum making to their ceremonial life, and the different kinds of drums that are used for different kinds of singing and ceremonies.

Mr. Dionne has been making fireart for twenty-five years and travels to Pow Wows and Native Art Festivals throughout the summer months. His stories and experiences of the Pow Wow trail are useful to workshop participants and healing circles for the wisdom and insight they provide.

Healing fireart workshops take place in a private setting just off the shore of Lake Ontario in Webster, NY.
The drum-making process begins with de-hairing & presoaking the hides for 24 hours or more which Earl does for you. He then has you begin to make your own symbols and art work on the drum shell itself using fireart. After lots of soothing artwork made simple through the use of his guides, stencils & wonderful wood burners, you begin to stretch your hides and lace them up. The drum will take several days to dry in your home before you can actually play it, but you will leave the workshop with a finsihed drum.
Woodland Visions is dedicated towards the teaching and sharing of fireart as an ancient process of creativity, healing, and personal growth. “Nature and Spirit” is the theme which makes the workshops unique and effective for the individuals who participate. Mohawk tradition strengthens the workshop's ability to help participants find their “orenda” or personal power.

Fireart workshops show how you can burn away unwanted feelings and concerns while allowing a sense of calm and relaxation to enter into the experience. High quality burning systems and expert instruction help to bring the best possible results. Woodland Visions commitment is to help you create a burning art experience which not only enriches your mind, body, and spirit but gives you a lasting finished product that is uniquely yours.

Dr. Lucia Capacchione, Ph. D., A.T.R says that Earl Dionne has discovered his inner healer and his work continues to shine light and love on those who need it most."