Guided, Crystal Cave Meditation 

With drums & hand percussion instruments, Karen takes us on a 30 minute, guided and sacred journey through nature, deep into the earth, into a beautiful Crystal Cave where we are able to connect with the treasures that lie within, make contact with our elemental guides, and experience their wisdom, power & teachings. On this journey we will uncover and discover our inner resources and unique attributes. This inner union which dissolves fear and encourages strength and clarity will give us tools to use in our sacred work. In this cave and its pure water you are invited to accept a gift and take it with you. 

Karen is a drum facilitator, who empowers, inspires, and connects people. As a rhythmist she loves to work with people and leads workshops focused on making music and dealing with trauma, addiction, poverty, PTSD, reading disabilities, personal growth and community as she promotes diversity awareness and interpersonal connections in groups of all sizes, ages, wages, and stages of health. Through Recreational Music Making (RRM), her fun and rhythm-based work fosters health and wellness through seven, evidence-based elements, affecting biological and psychosocial outcomes. Karen is trained and certified in Health Rhythms, Drums Alive, Taikofit, and Australia’s Holyoake’s Drumbeat. She has studied under Arthur Hull, Ubaka Hill, Jim Donovan, Christine Stevens, M’bemba Bangoura, George Grant, Jim Donavon, Liz Broscoe, Mamady Keita, and Moussa Traore.  Karen enjoys rhythms of all kinds and started Wright Rhythms Wellness Company because she believes the world is healthier through drumming which is why she challenges herself, our community, and the world to become a better place.

Karen Wright   
Wright Rhythms Wellness

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